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Our Deserving Rides Program Changes Lives

Deserving Rides - giving cars to people who really need them

There are good people in our community who are just down on their luck. Maybe they’ve lost their job or a loved one and just getting to work is difficult because their car is no longer working.

We want to help.

As one of Fox Valley’s oldest and most trusted car repair and tire shop, we know that we can make a difference. That is why we launched the Deserving Rides Program.

Below are a couple photos of some of our Deserving Rides Winners.


Deserving Rides is a program that we started in 2015 where we find used cars with a lot of miles left in them, fix them up, make them safe and turn them into reliable transportation. Then we give it away to someone so they can get on with their life.


Throughout the year, people can nominate someone who lives in the St. Charles / Fox Valley Area who could really use a reliable car by filling out the form on this page. At the same time, we look for cars that we will use in the Deserving Rides program, bring them in and fix them up. Then, we gather leaders from the St. Charles community to choose the person who would benefit from the car and give it away. Yes, just give it away.

But more than just giving away a car, we also help the recipient with car repairs and maintenance to make sure that the car will serve them well.


For over 125+ years, Fox River Tire & Auto has lived and served in this great community. Our families are here and we do our part to give back to the community we live in whenever we can. In addition to our long history of giving our best to our customers, we also have a history of supporting local schools, athletic programs and nonprofit organizations…It is just who we are.

To nominate someone for a Deserving Ride, simply fill out the form below and, in 500 words or less, tell us why you are nominating them.

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Your Name
Your Phone
Without mentioning their name or contact information, please tell us why your nominee deserves the car...
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a ‘blind’ nomination process which means that personal information, such as the name of the individual you are nominating, should not be shared. Once all the nominations are received and read, a selection of approximately 25 nominations will be presented to a voting committee comprised of business and non-profit leaders within the community. 

If your nomination is selected as part of this group, you will be contacted for the personal information of the individual you are nominating, and the nominee will be required to appear at Fox River Tire & Auto in person to sign the nomination form, provide permission for their story to be shared, and present a valid driver’s license. 

This individual should be: 

  1. 18 years or older
  2. A resident of Kane County
  3. In possession of a valid IL driver’s license and 
  4. Able to sustain the donated vehicle (pay for taxes, registration, and insurance). 

Please note that this nomination will only be for the car donated in November, 2015.  Any future donation program will require a separate donation form.

For official rules, click here


If you have a car, minivan or truck that is no longer of use to you but still has a lot of life left, let us know. We are always looking for great cars that we can use for the Deserving Rides program.

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