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Trusted Engine Repairs


Car, Truck and Diesel engine repair is complicated.

That’s why you should only trust an ASE-Certified technician to inspect, diagnose and fix your engine when something isn’t right. Whether your check engine light just came on or you hear something that wasn’t there before, your Fox River Tire & Auto Repair certified technician has the tools, knowledge and experience to get your engine purring like new again.

And, all our work is guaranteed to be done right and warranted to give you peace of mind.


Unless you are a mechanic, knowing WHAT is wrong with your car’s engine isn’t always easy. But it isn’t difficult to know that SOMETHING isn’t right with your engine. There are usually signs that something is wrong.

Check Engine Light


The check engine light strikes fear when it comes on. It can mean something critical, or just be a warning.

When your check engine light comes on, it is best to have it checked out by a certified mechanic. Ignoring it could lead to a costly repair if it is something serious.

Our certified mechanics can make sense of what your check engine light means and what to do to safely turn it back off.

Car doesn


You’ve become accustomed to how your engine sounds when you’re idling at a stop light, when you’re accelerating and when you are cruising on the highway.

So when you hear a new sound coming from the engine compartment, it may mean something isn’t normal with your engine.

While not all new sounds mean something bad, it should be checked out to be sure.

Car Problem - Car Doesn


A sudden loss of power during acceleration or hesitation when stepping on the gas could all mean engine trouble.

ANYTIME your car doesn’t perform or drive the way it usually does, come in and have your car’s engine checked out.

Warning signs like these and others could lead to bigger and more inconvenient issues down the road if left unchecked.

When you notice that something is wrong, bring your car, truck or SUV into us right way. Our technicians will inspect and diagnose your engine problem, provide our recommendations, give you a written estimate and will be ready to get your engine back to working as it should.

Service & Maintenance Tips

You depend on your car everyday. But how much do you really know about maintaining the vehicle you depend on so much? Our team of car care experts offer car care tips and maintenance advice to help you understand your car and to help avoid unexpected car trouble.

You’ll find new articles being added to our Car Care Tips Blog 

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