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Tires. Brakes. Maintenance (25)


Even healthy people need to see the doctor every once in a while. Your car does too.

Your car is made up of hundreds of moving parts connected to each other – grinding and turning. These parts work together to move you and your family to wherever you want to go. And these parts can wear down, break or simply stop doing their job. And just like you, when one part of you stops working, breaks or wears out, your performance and reliability suffers.

Lucky for you, your car has Fox River Tire & Auto Repair to keep your car healthy.

Our expert vehicle inspections help make sure all your car’s thousands of plastic, metal and rubber parts along with the various fluids are doing what they were designed to do.

Its like a regular physical for your car, truck, minivan or SUV.

Expert Vehicle Inspections Can Prevent Big Trouble

Just like a regular check ups keep you healthy, your car needs regular check ups too. Finding little things early can really help prevent costly and potentially inconvenient car trouble down the road.

Our ASE trained technicians will check out your tires, fluid levels, belts, lights, wipers, battery hoses and more. Plus, if you have noticed something different about your car lately, they can check that out too to make sure it isn’t something to worry about.

Our goal is to keep you informed of how your car is running and to alert you to anything that might need replacing soon BEFORE it turns into something that will cause you stress and inconvenience.

Just one more way Fox River Tire & Auto Repair gives you miles of worry-free driving.

Tires. Brakes. Maintenance


Fox River Tire & Auto Repair uses state-of-the-art inspection tools. Our ASE certified technicians can perform your car’s inspections and give you a digital report of the condition of your vehicle. The report can then be emailed directly to you for viewing or sharing.

Just one more way that Fox River Tire & Auto Repair is your expert automotive resource.

Used Car Inspections


Buying a used car, have us check it out BEFORE you buy it.

We can give you peace of mind when buying a used car AND we can give you bargaining power when negotiating price if the car needs tires or something else.

Selling a Car Inspection


Selling a car?

Selling a car with a recent inspection report can make your listing stand out from others. It tells buyers that you took care of your car and you can ask top dollar for your car.

In Depth Vehicle Inspection


Looking a more
In-Depth Vehicle Inspection?

Our complete vehicle inspection also your major vehicle systems including exhaust, brakes, battery, alignment, belts and tensioners, air and cabin filter and more!

Service & Maintenance Tips

You depend on your car everyday. But how much do you really know about maintaining the vehicle you depend on so much? Our team of car care experts offer car care tips and maintenance advice to help you understand your car and to help avoid unexpected car trouble.

You’ll find new articles being added to our Car Care Tips Blog 

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