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What To Expect at Fox River Tire and Auto Repair St Charles


Visiting a new auto repair place can be intimidating. You never really know what to expect. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience at a car dealer or another shop that caused you to lose trust. Or maybe, you’re just worried that your car isn’t in good hands.

We’re Different. At least we’d like to think so. 

When you first enter our shop, you’ll be greeted by one of the people shown above.  Together, they have over 125+ years of experience in the automotive repair business. That means that whatever your car needs, they’ve seen it and fixed it.


Of all the skills that our team has, listening is the most important skill. Our first job is to listen to you, the car owner, as to what you are experiencing with your car or what services you are interested in. We take the time to listen to your concerns before offering our recommendations and thoughts.


coffeeMany people like to drop off their car so they are not inconvenienced while we install new tires, diagnose and repair a problem or perform routine maintenance. If you are dropping off, we can offer you complimentary shuttle back to your work or home. If you are waiting for your vehicle, we’ll invite you to enjoy a cup of coffee, help you get on our FREE WI FI network and hand you the remote for the TV. We want to make sure that you can be productive – or as relaxed as you can be.

Now that we have you comfortable, we turn our attention to your car.


protectionBefore we do anything, we first put plastic on your steering wheel and seats and put down paper floor mats to protect the inside of your car. The most disrespectful thing we can do is to leave grease and dirt in your car.

Next, your car gets a thorough visual inspection. We do this as a courtesy to make sure that your belts, hoses, tires and other important components of your car are in good shape. Our state of the art inspection process even allows us to email you the pictures to support any recommendations that come as a result of our inspection process.


Finally, we get to work. If there is something we see that we didn’t talk about, we will contact you right away and let you know what is going on and provide you with an estimate before beginning any work that wasn’t already authorized. It is our job as car repair experts to inform and educate our customers as to what is going on with their vehicle and how we will correct any issues.


When our work is done, you will receive your vehicle back as clean as when you dropped it off. We’ll also talk to you about our warranties and guarantees so you can leave with the confidence and peace of mind knowing that your car was serviced with care and pride and that we stand behind our work, mile after mile.


Shortly after your visit, you’ll receive an email from us thanking you again for your trust and business and to offer you a chance to give us any feedback that you may have. While we have been doing repairs and car service for over 55 years, we are not perfect. We want to know if there is anything we could have done to make your great experience even better for next time.

We Don’t Just Fix Cars

OK, we do fix cars. But we know how important your car is to your life. Without it, you can’t go to work, the kids can’t go to activities and your life comes to an abrupt and inconvenient stop. That’s why we do our best to make sure that your car gets fixed as quickly as possible and you can prevent major problems down the road.

Service & Maintenance Tips

You depend on your car everyday. But how much do you really know about maintaining the vehicle you depend on so much? Our team of car care experts offer car care tips and maintenance advice to help you understand your car and to help avoid unexpected car trouble.

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